How to

Get Ranked

To be eligible to be ranked in Global Junior Golf Rankings™, a player must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be between the ages of 5-19 years old
  • Must have competed in five or more one-day or multi-day stroke play tournaments with the following:
    • Total of five players or more in each division
    • Completed five 18-hole rounds with no-stroke-limit rule in place for the 10-19 age division
    • Must be within the last 365 days for which we have received the results and they are listed by the same name, city, state and country

How the

Rankings are Computed

We use four criteria to compute a player's overall ranking and their ranking within their graduation class.

  • Tournament Score (80%)
    Using each round individually, we use 80% of the player's lowest round scoring differentials (player score vs. difficulty of the golf course). This is the average difference of their individual round scores compared to their tournament rounds completed in the last one-year period.
  • Head-to-Head (10%)
    The number displayed, is the result of a player playing against another competitor in the same GJGR tournament. Our ranking system for this field is proprietary information. This criteria counts for 10% of a player's ranking calculation.
  • Top-Five Finish (5%)
    This criteria displays the finishes for a player. Top-Five Finishes counts 5% in the ranking computation, which means the more tournaments a competitor finishes in the top-five, he receives credit for the Finish.
  • Weather (5%)
    The weather criteria* will be 5% of a player's ranking calculation and will be determined as follows:

    *Based on the average weather during the full tournament. All weather will be verified by a GJGR staff member